The Best Summer of My Life

Every person might have ever had one of those summer vacations that he or she will never forget. Well, yes, me too. Actually, I have had even more than one. I am a senior student and since the end of my seventh grade I was taking part in different university programs. In sum, I have attended six various summer camps. The most recent one was a Secondary School Program in Harvard University.

I do believe that there is something incredible and even magical about every summer program. However, I claim that what can be found in Harvard could not be found elsewhere.
The Secondary School Program of Harvard University lasted eight weeks. All the days that I spent there reminded me of a horse racing. Every day I felt the sense of continuous movement forward, every minute something new and interesting took place. For me it was a familiar pace of life, as it was not my first summer school. However, for my roommate from Chicago it was the first experience of that kind. Nonetheless, he overcame all the difficulties and enjoyed all the good stuff that had happened to us. Therefore, I can assume that is was really good for him.
Basically, as a student, you have to enroll in two four-unit courses or the one eight-unit course. Every student gets the option to have two-and-a-half hour classes or the one-hour classes. As for me, I have chosen two-and-a-half-hour classes, because they really give a lot of free time to have fun. The classes I took were the classes of my dream: Intermediate Fiction Writing and Beginner’s Scriptwriting.

To say the truth, both of my tutors were so insightful and proficient, and I have had such a great time during the lessons, that I began to fear about my future school life. Everything was so good, that I did not want to come to an ordinary high school. I was inspired and tried really hard, that is why I have earned eight college credits there.
Yes, that is right, you earn the credits, you do your best and therefore you have a chance. The Summer School gives you a good acceptance rate, so do not think that it is impossible to get in the college. I can guarantee, that if you are ready to spend eight weeks without traditional vacations, but chop them for studying, you will definitely find a great amount of exciting and interesting things. And so did I, sometimes I did not feel myself as I am a student on my classes, since those were not ordinary classes, they were so much fun instead.
As for the time I spent in the campus, well, I have to say that it was really a party-time. I have met a lot of interesting and really clever people there. Sometimes we were even too loud late at night, thus the administration was not very pleased with us. However, what I liked about the administration was that no one has ever forced us to attend the classes or to go for our meals, if hadn’t wanted to.

Sometimes my friends and I took our bicycles and left for Boston for the whole day. We were out for all night long, walking on the incredible bridges over the Charles River. We had plenty of that magic. Surely, we have had our proctors to help us or to answer our questions, and to keep an eye on us, however we were treated like adult and independent people.
 On the campus we have had all of those great cafeterias, coffee shops, plays, the awesome Harvard libraries, the Film Archive, the chorus, the orchestra, the theater, and the street musicians. We were allowed to use millions of books and CDs. 
The classes were important for me as well, but I was having too much fun, because I have had a plenty of free time. I saw the students that were studying for many tests all night long, they wanted to jump on a college so hard. However, I preferred to use help of the academic writers, which have saved my free time, so I could be able to spend it with pleasure. That’s it, I did have fun.