Secondary School Program and Harvard Summer School

Secondary School Program is a college program at Harvard created for the high school students. If you are a high school student and you are about what college life is alike, then Secondary School Program is definitely your choice. In summer you can get this valuable experience in the Harvard’s Secondary School Program. Talking about the Harvard Summer School, one should mention that this project is much wider than the Secondary School Program, since it offers an opportunity to join the courses, lectures and different campus activities in Harvard, whereas the students of all ages are welcomed, while the Secondary School Program is intended only for the high school students that live in the college environment in order to fully enjoy all the delights and challenges of their future learning.

Both programs offer the students to take real Harvard lectures and courses. In the Secondary School Program the high school students earn college credits in Harvard courses together with the college students discovering a huge amount of subjects that are absent in their school programs. Both projects offer you to attend a certain faculty, to use art and computer labs and also to have access to the largest library in the world. Both Secondary School Program and Summer School give you an opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world and communicate with them. Thus, Secondary School Project will prepare you for a college life.

Remember, if you join one of the described programs, you will have a great chance to live on the territory of the Harvard campus. That means that you will be able to participate in all possible kinds of activities and intramural sports, dances, theatre, a trivia bowl and many more social and intellectual activities. Moreover, you will make friends from all over the world. In particular, Secondary School Program will let you to attend the college fair, the college prep workshops and share thoughts and expressions with Harvard students and Harvard admissions staff.

That is, the main difference between Secondary School Program and Harvard Summer School is that the first one lets the high school students not only feel what the college life is, but to experience the college life in the most successful university of the world appearing within the environment of their dream. In turn, Harvard Summer School welcomes the students of all ages to spend a perfect summer within the atmosphere of Harvard, living in a campus and attending a great variety of lectures, courses, intellectual, social, entertaining and sport activities.

Hence, do not hesitate to apply for one of the programs that suits you the best. You will be excited about attending the Harvard Secondary School or the Summer School. New experience, new friends from all over the world, lots of fun and challenging intellectual activities are guaranteed! In the Harvard Secondary School you will be able to taste the college life in its fullest, and the Summer School will let you feel the atmosphere of Harvard to the maximal extent. All of your expectations about the academic courses and the social experience will be satisfied. Expanding your horizons with the Harvard Summer School or the Secondary School is the best way to spend your summer.