Unbiased EssayGoBuy review

Have you tried ordering paper from custom writing services? Well, I have. Tens and hundreds of them. Seriously. I have just graduated from a well-known college (I don’t really want to tell you which one), and it occurred to me that I possessed a priceless knowledge to pass on to next generations.

Okay, okay – speaking less officially, I know what to expect from a certain writing service when I just look at its website and also know how to avoid the pitfalls of using it. That’s why I decided to write reviews about the most popular and new custom writing services out there. I wish someone had been doing this when I was only starting college.

It would have saved me tons of money and nerve. Alas, there was no one and today, I am doing it for all those who have no experience in using custom writing. In this review, I would like to take a look at http://essaygobuy.com service.

What can I say about it? First of all, they’re definitely no scam. You see, when a website has a decent website, it means they’ve invested plenty of resources in it. It wouldn’t be profitable for them – the orders they’d take would hardly pay off for the money spent on the website.

Note that they have a blog – a rare thing for custom writing companies today. No matter how useful their blog posts are for you personally, the fact that they find time to write them makes you trust them more, doesn’t it?

The only negative thing I have managed to find was the lack of samples. You know, some companies publish a few sample papers at their websites to let people evaluate the quality of their work. EssayGoBuy doesn’t do it. I wonder why.

So, what about the quality of papers? I would grade it B+. I have ordered a couple of them, of course, to have plenty of material for evaluation. And I stand behind my final grade – it’s B+. The papers were no doubt original and wouldn’t put me in any plagiarism-related risk. There were no problems with formatting or bad proofreading.

They were very fine. But they were not brilliant. Of course, it is strictly my personal opinion, but to my taste they lacked… creativity. Every tiny bit was well-written and well-researched, but they didn’t try to step further than that. However, to be honest, I am a very demanding customer. Also, the spark of creativity I am talking about is an extremely rare thing which I saw in only three services so far.

My conclusion: use EssayGoBuy without hesitation if you need a fine paper and will settle for a 70% of B+ and 30% of A.