What Is Better: Summer Internship and a Pre-college Program at Emory or Harvard?

Summer internship is a great opportunity for every student to explore the potential career. It is a chance to fulfill special college requirements, to obtain valuable job experience, to learn more about yourself and talents, to decide your aspirations and find the right way to move forward. Thus, summer internship could be the first step to your future career. In turn, the pre-college programs offered by such Universities as Emory and Harvard are the summer academic programs for the students of high schools. Those are designed in order to give them a very special experience about the college. This is a perfect chance to participate in the process of academic and social life in one of the most influential universities in the world. High school students are allowed to discover new subjects that are absent in their school curriculums, to communicate with each other and discuss numerous interesting topics with the tutors who are real experts in those questions. Moreover, high school students are welcomed to enroll in the classes with the college students, communicate with them and earn some college credit. Emory and Harvard Pre-College students live together on a campus and take part in a huge amount of activities, excursions and programs organized to prepare them for their future college life.

So, it is impossible to say which is better: the internship or a summer school in Emory or Harvard. It all depends on what your goals are and what kind of educational degree you have. On the basis of what degree you have already obtained, you can choose either to go for the internship that will prepare you for the next step in your life, which is the career planning, or a pre-college summer program that will prepare you for college life. Correspondingly, if you are a student of high school, then you should go to summer school and spend time with the students of the college. Thus, if you are a college student and you feel like the time to decide your future career has come, the perfect choice for you is participation in the summer internship.

Consequently, you should consider the summer internship as your investment in your future. Those are the programs that are organized in order to let you feel what your chosen career will feel like. Mostly, there are professionals that help you develop some useful skills and see the working process from the within taking an active part in it. To put it simply, this is your chance to obtain new knowledge and expand it outside the school classroom.  This is more like a job experience than an academic one. At the same time, the pre-college programs are all about the academic experience since they are designed for the younger students. Harvard and Emory pre-college programs will let you taste the college life and live on a campus with the college students. The internship will help you establish some useful contacts for the future career and the pre-college program will give a great experience of the college life. That is, there is no need to find out which program is better, since it all depends on your preferences and the current educational background.