What is Harvard Summer School Program?

The first group of students who attended Harvard Summer School arrived to this university in 1871. This way Harvard has become the first educational institution that ever established summer classes. One of the peculiarities of Harvard summer course is that it gives students the opportunity to get points, which are considered by members of top universities’ admission committees. These points are equal to one professor’s recommendation. This way, students who take part in this summer school program have much more chances to be accepted to the best universities all over the world!

Every summer, Harvard welcomes 5000 students at its Summer School. They come from different countries and continents. 20% of them are actual students of Harvard University, and the rest represent major US and foreign universities. They come for 7 weeks training lead by the most famous professors of the world. If you don’t have that much time, you can always apply for intensive 3-week courses.

If you want to understand what American college is like, the best you can do is to participate in this program. Harvard University is a perfect illustration of a higher educational institution. The experience you can get there is priceless! This is a lifetime opportunity to visit scientific laboratories, the largest university library, get to know famous scientists, or get ready for college at the undergraduate level. You will get the chance to live in the historical campus residences built more than four centuries ago. Apart from classes, you can take part in different activities such as sports, excursions, music festivals and cinema previews. You can also meet students from all over the world.

There are 300 classes in more than 60 disciplines available for you. The most popular subjects are engineering, social sciences and humanities, economics, literature, computer science and more than ten foreign languages. For ESL students, Harvard Summer School offers training at the English Language Institute. But you don’t have to visit only the United States, because Harvard Summer School has a lot of branches abroad, for example, in China, Greece, and many other countries.

Harvard Summer School does not offer any bonuses, other than grants and loans. All the courses in the Harvard Summer School have been thoroughly tested to conform to the standards of Harvard College.