Will Attending a Summer School Program Help Me Become a Student of Harvard?

Applying to the Summer School Program, one should remember that the Summer School will not buy you a college admission. Mostly, the students visit the courses and lectures hoping to find out something new and useful, something that would help them pass their future examinations and get through the upcoming application. However, there also those who try to understand something more specific: the way to become a Harvard student.

However, the students that attend the Harvard Summer School sometimes get a wrong impression, since they start thinking that this would give them a higher chance of acceptance into Harvard University in future. The truth is that those who visit the Summer School do not have better chances than those who do not visit the courses. This is the policy that Harvard University has for a very long time. Students of the Summer School have neither special advantages nor disadvantages. Still, a lot of Secondary School and Summer School students are very ambitious about their future application. Some of them enroll in a great variety of different classes, hoping to obtain recommendations from their professors.

So, it is a misconception that the Summer School will give you a greater chance to become a student of Harvard, as well as the idea that you will be at a disadvantage, if you prefer not to attend this School. The students are not encouraged to visit the Harvard Summer School as a guarantee to get admitted.

If you dream about the admission to Harvard, your skills, knowledge and talents make sense. However, one should remember that it does not matter whether you have attended the Summer School or not. Harvard Summer School does not exist in order to prepare the future entrants that dream of the Harvard admission, but this program rather prepares them for the college life as a whole. Their future might be connected to any college in the country: it could be Cambridge or Harvard, or whatever. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the priority of the Summer School students is to obtain a very high level of knowledge, but not the naive hopes to enroll to Harvard without a hitch.

In conclusion, it should be added that such a prestigious educational institution like Harvard cannot give a guarantee of admission for each student of the Summer School. To get admitted to Harvard means to be ambitious, to do your best and to work really hard, rather than attend courses. Anyone who desires to get admitted to Harvard has equal chances disregarding where they spent the summer: near the sea with their friends, at the countryside with their parents or in the Summer School with their textbooks.